Our examination reveals this is a steady example across nations. Shockingly, this example is regular to nations that have taken a serious lockdown, including the loss of motion of the economy, just as to nations that actualized an unmistakably progressively tolerant approach and have proceeded in standard life.

The information shows that the lockdown arrangement can be halted inside a couple of days and supplanted by an approach of moderate social separating.

Exponential Growth: Exponential Growth is a geometric rate growth.

Dr. Britta Jewell wondered whether the power of exponential growth could be turned to a collective advantage. “The answer was yes, but only if we intervene early,” she said. “That means now.”

As it is clearly seen that, the exponential growth of the novel coronavirus is ending and it will soon die out.  


The accompanying graph, from Nature magazine, shows the total number of coronavirus cases in China (red curve). It rises rapidly and for awhile is exponential – with a doubling time of about a week during early February. But a glance at the plot shows the number of cases leveling off by mid-February. If this were a graph of new cases rather than total cases, the curve would have turned over, and headed back down.

coronavirus cases 3_2020jpg

The accompanying diagram gives a depiction of the day by day increment in the number of new patients in Israel (the even hub is the course of events in days since the principal tolerant was found). Indeed, even one who doesn't have a scientific foundation can gain from the chart that the additional number of patients every day doesn't increment at a consistent rate, and along these lines, the development isn't exponential.



A severe lockdown has some negative implications. Its immediate result is an increase in the level of unemployment and the drop in GDP.  This will eventually lead to an increase in poverty and human life lost due to other diseases.

Even without a complete lockdown, we have observed a substantial decline in the exponential rate of the coronavirus. In order to cope up with unemployment and poverty, it is highly recommended to lift the lockdown or at least have some leniency in the policy of lockdown. Notwithstanding, the fact that precautionary measures should always be taken which include distancing as much as possible, wearing masks, sanitizing hands. 

So also, the economy should be restored and each one of those measures ought to be taken to expand the cooperation of the workforce. Inside as far as possible, ordinary life ought to be resuscitated.