Predicted R World Rank Table

The R number is widely understood as helpful to predict the speed and development of an infection, or growth in a population,  This table ranks countries in terms of how fast a disease, or slow COVID 19 Might be spreading. . To see how we calculate the R number see the bottom of the page. Click on a country to see the R History and Other useful facts. Updated Daily.  Testing will not always reveal all cases 

How we calculated Predicted R Table

We Use the formula (zy)i = (yi – ȳ) / s y and calculate a standardized value for each yi (in this case (the case volume per 100,000 in a population of 2-4 weeks ago),(Y1) and the case volume 2 weeks -now (the case volume per 100,000 in a population of now-2 weeks ago),. Add the products from the last step together. Divide the sum from the previous step by n – 1, where n is the total number of points in our set of paired data. The result of all of this is the correlation coefficient R"     The Table is stated as predicted because testing is an exact science, the state of testing an its availability  is a critical factor in determining the spread of covid 19,, Always rely on your Governments Advise in relation to your decision making . 

For more info on the use and relevance of the R number in relation to COVID-19 please see the following article for reference from Nature Magazine